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Intellectual game

On November 30, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the independence in our University Master of MBA, senior lecturer of  "Business and Law" chair A.B.Bulambaev organized an intellectual game " The history of the Great steppe " among 2 and 3rd course students  5B050900 -"Finance", 5B051000-"State and local government", 5B050800- "Accounting and audit" kazakh groups and 5B030100 "Law " russian group students.

December 16, 2016 - the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence. It will be the most important and valuable holiday for our country and its people. Independent country for almost a quarter of a century has managed to withstand the challenges of the financial crisis, broke into the path of higher levels of sustainable development, has achieved success among the world's 50 most competitive countries. President implemented many strategic programs on country's development.

Aim of the intellectual game: to develop students' thinking comprehensively, improve the horizons of speech, thought to study the mobility of motivation on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Development of the state independence of Kazakhstan, which served to the infinite, eternal knowledge and comprehensively developed, ubringing of high intelligence, bold type, inhuman generation of true patriotic education. To love their homeland, recognition of the identity of the history of the country's intellectuals.

"Friendship", "Future of Kazakhstan" and "Fireness" the kazakh teams, as well as "Lawers" and "Macho and Botan" the russian teams took part at the game.

In general, "The history of the Great Steppe" intellectual game consists of 4 stages:

The first stage buyout tournament was called "Bayge". There will be  questions to the participants. They who know are responsible to quick responses. 5 points for each correct answer.

2nd stage of the game called The country's history". Players must reply to a question on the topic 3 to 5. Each question is estimated rate of different types of point. Topics are: "The main dates", " Cities of  Kazakhstan " and "Symbols".

The 3rd stage of our game is called captains competition. Here  will be questions for the captains on this competition. Wins the captain who replied for a lot of questions.

A final part of the game "Homework," each team showed their creativity on the theme of "Independent Kazakhstan".

Teams had showed their intellectual and a good knowledge on the history of independent Kazakhstan during the game.

The candidate of economic sciences "Business and Law" Kaliyeva Gulzhan Kokteubaevna, the candidate of law sciences, senior lecturer Kaziev Ongarbay Konuratbaevich and senior lecturer Akhmetova Dina Abdikulovna, head of the department of Educational Affairs of Almaty University Amangalieva Symbat Tlegenovna took part on the fair passage of the game.

The first place take a command  "Fireness".

The second place won the teams "Lawers" and "Macho and Botan".

The third place was "Friendship" and "Future".

In general intellectual game was very orderly and interesting fight.



Intellectual competition on theme

On 19.04.2017. was held an intellectual competition on  theme "World of  computer science" for students of 1,2,3 courses of the specialty 5В011100-Computer science with the guidance of the senior teacher S. Avdarsolkyzy of the department "Pedagogical specialties".

The purpose of the intellectual game: to develop thinking, a culture of speech, a comprehensive outlook, speed of thinking, increasing motivation to teach students of the specialty "Informatics." Educate a comprehensively developed, educated high intellectual staff  mastered informational technology. In the game the "Computer" and "Antivirus" groups were competed. The general intellectual competition consists of 6 stages.

  1. "Acquaintance"
  2. "The Secret Platform"
  3. "Lost letters"
  4. "Solving the puzzle"
  5. "Baiga"
  6. "Proverb-the basis of the word"

After each stage, the jury members announced the summing up of the scores. The members of the jury were the head of the science department, candidate of technical sciences, E.B. Beralieva, candidate  pedagogical sciences, docent A.Akramova, senior teacher G.Astemes, senior teacher G.Ikramova, programmer N.Aldabergenova, who actively participated in the fair conduction of the game.

According to the team account, the jury awarded the 1st place to the "Antivirus" group. 2nd place was taken by the group "Computer". The competition was held very interesting an at a high level.



December-beginning of independence

29th November in 2016 was an educational open lesson on the theme of: "December-beginning of independence", organized by the adviser of specialty 5B011300-Biology Z.A. Ibragimova.

The aim: The formation of a sense of citizenship and patriotism.Extend thehorizonStudents about Kazakhstan,educatea sense of prideFor relations with the heritage of ancestors,to the historical past.The students actively participated.



Place the traditions and customs of the Kazakh government in the formation and development -




Under the guidance of a master, a senior lecturer of "Business and Law" Zhylkybek Nakyp with students on a specialty "Jurisprudence" 1,2,3 courses, held a meeting with ethnographer Bolat Bopaiuly.

Participated: ethnographer Bolat Bopaiuly, teaching faculty and students.


Абайтанушы Қайым Мұхамедхановтың туғанына 100 жыл толуы

13.10.2016 at the uni­versity, which  held ­ traditionally  readi­ngs of the Abai was a­ conference round tab­le dedicated to the 1­00th anniversary of t­he birth of  Kaiym Mu­hamedhanov.

The purpose of­ the round table is t­o give information ab­out  textologist of A­bai's works , admitte­r of Alash, poet, tra­nslator, playwrighter­ Mukhamedhanov's moral­ life, creativity, sc­ientific papers, pers­onal messages to stud­ents. At the round ta­ble Foundation direct­or of the" Education ­and Cultural Center n­amed after Kaiym Mukh­amedkhanov" , Profess­or Dina Kaiymkyzy Mukh­amedhanova took part ­in and answered to qu­estions from the stud­ents. Mukhamedkhanov'­s student, university­ teacher Nurzhanat Ma­ldybaykyzy made a rep­ort. 

From the video m­aterial a great-grand­son of Abay Gazel Jag­yparkyzy Magauina's, ­Mirzhakip Dulatov's d­aughter Gulnara Dulat­ova's, writer Harold ­Belger's, academician­ Rabiga Sizdikova's h­eard comments about K­ayim Mukhamedkhanov. ­ Students read poems of Kaiym Muhamedhanov and letters which initiated for Kaiym Mukhamedhanov. Singed songs written for Kaiym Mukhamedhanov "Jan Aga"(Dear brother), and "Ustazym" (My teacher). Head of the depar­tment of pedagogical ­professions Makhmutov­ Beken Lesbekovich  c­oncluded the round ta­ble. Pro-rector of educational work Amangalieva S.T, teaching staff and students of the university have participated at the round table.

Language - the living soul of the people

      September 20, 2016 teacher of Russian language Bekmuratov J.J. conducted an open educational lesson on the theme "Language - the living soul of the people." Students of the specialty "Psychology", "Foreign Language" actively participated. The purpose of educational hours: to explain to students the importance of the mother tongue, learn to respect other languages. We took part in an open lesson on the education of the Vice-Rector, Head of Department, Department of faculty and students.


My tongue - my wealth

       September 20, 2016 English teacher Kalbergenova Sh.B. conducted an open educational lesson on the theme "My tongue - my wealth".  Students of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" have actively participated. The purpose of educational hours: explain and show students how important their mother tongue, learn to respect other languages. We took part in an open lesson on the education of the Vice-Rector, Head of Department, Department of faculty and students. 


Independence - the cradle of happiness of my country!

At the University of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a festive event "Independence - the cradle of happiness of my country!"

Organize an event EdM teachers Zh.S.Adirbekova and A.T.Tuzdybaeva. The event was attended by students of the specialty "Psychology" and "Preschool education and training" the Department "pedagogical profession". Guests of the event were organized by the participants of the rally in 1986: S.K. Alimbaev, A.A. Karipzhan, G.Zh. Temirbekova, Zh.A. Umtildaeva.


Meeting of students with native speakers

17.02.2016 the department of pedagogical specialties held a round table "Kazakh science: yesterday, today and tomorrow." The event was attended by the President of the society "Kazakh language" Academician Umirzak Aitbaev. The purpose of the event was to acquaintance students with U.Aytbaev personality, his work, and scientific work. The participants also were acquainted with the main directions of development of science in Kazakhstan.


Customs and traditions - the inexhaustible wealth

December 10, 2015 the curators of the specialty "Biology" Ibragimova Z.A., Shardarbekov D., Umirzakova N.T.  conducted an open educational event on «Customs and traditions - the inexhaustible wealth»

Students of all courses of the specialty "Biology" actively participated in the event.

Purpose to classes was the education of young people in the spirit of national traditions of Kazakh people, the preservation of traditions and customs of our people, respect for them.

The event was attended by the rector of the University Ph.D. Shіldebay S.K., on educational work Amangalieva S.T. Vice Rector and head. departments, faculty and students. The event was a bright and informative.



Has passed a student subject olympiad

26.03.2015-27.03.2015 students of the 3rd course "5V050300-Psychology" Muradalieva Aizhan, Maidin Ainur, Kyrykbay Zhadyra, Bazarbek Shynaray attended VII Students' Republican subject Olympiad on specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology", held in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Department " General and ethnic pedagogy " Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

The VII Republican Subject Olympiad of Students in the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" Almaty University team won an honorable III place and received awards in various categories. Maidin Aynur was awarded in the category " Power group" in the nomination " Application of advanced technologies " team "Tuigun" was awarded. Head Team Duysenbaeva A.O. received the certificate of the seminar «Self-organization of the work of students of innovative technologies"


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