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       The aim of the department is the realization of the state youth policy in the field of education and self-determination. Together with the structural units of the University of Almaty department of employment practices and performs organizational, educational and awareness-raising activities in the field of practice-oriented education.

The main objectives of the department are:

- The organization of all kinds of practices at the university, developed based on the requirements of SES based curricula and programs of disciplines in areas of training (specialties);

- Coordination and control of the university to organize and conduct all types of practices.

- Assisting students and graduates in finding a job and employment.

- Planning and coordination of work of the department in order to create a common space of research and education focused on practical innovation training in active cooperation with the customer, the specialists (the employer) to enhance the prestige of the pedagogical, social-humanitarian and technical education, and to ensure the effective employment of graduates.

The department is governed by the Regulations on the department of practice and employment.


-Preparation Of project orders and the orders of the rector on practices and employment of students.

-Preparation And conclusion of agreements on cooperation in employment practices and students.

-Control The timely publication of orders to send students to practice and practice course.

-Preparation Of financial documents for payment of management practices.

-Rendering Assist students and graduates in finding a job and employment.

Organizing and conducting trainings, seminars, open houses, consultation on teaching students the skills of adaptive behavior in the labor market.

-Cooperation With employers, employment centers.

-Participation In seminars and conferences on employment.

Is a statistical processing and analysis of information on the results of the distribution of university graduates, as well as activities related to their employment.

-Participation In the issues of organization practices and employment of students considered on the Academic Council, in meetings with the rector.



    February 20, 2017 at the University of Almaty a round table was held on the topic: "Young Specialist", within the framework of the "Successful Step" project, created by members of the youth organization "Zhas Otan" of Auezov district branch "Nur Otan". The round table was attended by the faculty, students and graduates who graduated from our university.
    The meeting was opened by the head of the Department of Practice and Employment Adilbekova H.K., who noted the relevance of the problem of finding graduates at the present time in their specialty. The purpose of this event was to increase the effectiveness of the Department of Practice and Employment of students and graduates of universities in Almaty. The objectives of the round table participants are to identify problems in the employment and adaptation of graduates of the University of Almaty on the labor market, as well as to disseminate the best practices in employment issues. The topical issues of training bachelors and masters were discussed: acute problems were identified both in the preparation and in the further employment of bachelors; Positive aspects and difficulties in the preparation of masters were noted.
     The participants of the round table expressed the desire to hold meetings of this level and focus more often than once a year, because Problems of employment of graduates is relevant for all universities.




Our students - our pride!


Almaty University created Association of Graduates. 

Chairman of Association Svetlana Mazhataeva Onkonysovna - manageress of kindergarten number №180.

Members of Association:

1. Esentaev Timur - Director. Almaty College of Continuing Education.

2. Kudaibergenova Aynur Berikovna - Senior ATC Sergeant. Almaty region, Ili district.

3. Kuralbekova Shyryn Kayratovna - teacher of Kazakh language and literature. Multidisciplinary College of Continuing Education.

4. Bolatbekov Jumabek Bolatbekovich – manageress of chores. LLP ''Eurotransit Terminal"

5. Khafizova Zhangul Edilovna - Methodist student department. Almaty University.





Bolatbekov Zhumabek Baltabayevich

In 2012 he graduated the University of Almaty, specialty 5В051000 - State and local management. The head of the economic department of LLC "Eurotransit Terminal"


Kuralbekova Shyryn Kairatkyzy

In 2010-2014 she graduated the University of Almaty, specialty 5В011700 - Kazakh language and literature. "Multiprofiled Regional College of Continuing Education" teacher of Kazakh language and literature




Mamyrbayeva Zhuldyz Sagyngalievna

In 2013-2015 she graduated the University of Almaty, specialty 5В011700 - Kazakh language and literature. Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature in the gymnasium of Almaty region, Karasai district, village Ushkonyr



Spanov Rinat Serikovich

In 2013-2015 he graduated the University of Almaty, specialty  «Jurisprudence». Almaty city traffic police inspector


 Isabek Akerke Madiyarkhankızı

She graduated specialty of physical culture and sport, University of Almaty, in 2012-2016 years. The teacher of physical education in Kyrgauldy Kazakh high school



Baratova Zulfiya Ablazizovna

She graduated specialty of foreign language: two foreign languages, University of Almaty, in 2011-2015 years. She works at the company "KazPowerTrade" as an interpreter



Kunnazarova Uldai Alievna

She graduated specialty of biology, University of Almaty, in 2012-2016 years. The teacher of biology and acting teacher organizer in new Kazakh school, in Chemolgan station, in Almaty region





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